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Fingerprint and hand-lettered jewelry hand crafted just for you.

Your design, Our promise


It can be frustrating when you want personalized jewelry but you can't find the design you have in mind or your children's names won't fit on a charm. We promise we will work WITH you to design and create jewelry you love to wear.

Your loved one...always a hand hold away


Letting go and saying goodbye to someone you love is difficult. You just want to hold onto whatever part of them you can and never let go. Our memorial jewelry line ensures that your loved one is never more than a hand hold away.

Buy One Give One


We want your purchase to make a difference, so we have partnered with My Little Firefly to launch our BOGO program. For every piece purchased we will donate one piece to a family whose child is dying or deceased.

Want to chat with one of our jewelry designers?

We're here to help! Drop us a line and we will guide you through our design process, help you book an appointment or answer any questions you may have.

Elle Bird Studios

Remus, Michigan, United States