Buy One, Give One


Here at Elle Bird we have a heart for the bereaved. All of them. 

BUT, there is one particular group that has our heart and that is families that are facing the loss of a child. That's why in 2018 we officially launched My Little Firefly and our Buy One Give One campaign. MLF is a non-profit organization that exists to provide fingerprint jewelry to families whose children are dying or deceased. FOR FREE.


How it works

Although My Little Firefly is a new addition to our family, we have been working with organizations like Children's Hospital of Michigan, Mott Children's Hospital and Hospice of Michigan for years. Through their referrals we are able to meet families in their homes, in the hospital or even at a funeral home {when necessary} and walk them through the design process to create 2 charms for them at no cost. 


How can you help?

We are so glad you asked! There are several ways to help. The easiest is to shop with us and share with your friends. Every purchase helps further our reach. You can also sign up for our newsletter. As we grow MLF will grow and the needs will change for both. These needs will be sent FIRST to our current customers and biggest cheerleaders: YOU! 

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