Can you use a fingerprint/hand-print/footprint already taken with ink to make a piece of jewelry?

Yes. Elle Bird uses a digital image of the print to create a stamp that is then used to make your one of a kind piece of jewelry. 

Can you use the ashes of a deceased loved one in a piece of jewelry?

Yes. We can mix the ashes into the silver clay we use to create your jewelry. 

Is Elle Bird willing to travel to me?

You can make an in studio appointment to have your one of a kind piece made. You can host an in home jewelry party (minimum piece requirement). Elle Bird will travel for all memorial jewelry but a travel fee may apply.  

Does my child or loved one need to be present to have a piece of finger print jewelry made?

Yes. We take a direct impression of the fingerprint from that child or loved one. 

How long will it take for my jewelry to be finished?

There is a 4 to 6 week turn over time for all prepaid jewelry. 

Is there a way to save the fingerprint of a deceased loved one?

Yes. We are able to take a silicon mold of their fingerprint and keep it in our files for any future jewelry that you may want to be made.