Can you use a fingerprint/hand-print/footprint already taken with ink to make a piece of jewelry?

Yes. Simply send us a digital copy {scan or snap a photo} along with your loved one's name, your name and your order/invoice number. You can also book a studio appointment and bring a copy with you for us to digitize.

Can you use the ashes of a deceased loved one in a piece of jewelry?

Yes. Ashes are incorporated into the silver and fused together in the firing process for unique cremation jewelry.

Is Elle Bird willing to travel to me?

We would love to come to you! We offer a few different kinds of appointments that involve traveling to your location. Host an in-home Playdate {kinda like a party, but with kids} for 20% off your purchase. We also travel to your location for memorial visits as well.

*travel fees and minimums may be applied

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Does my child or loved one need to be present to have a piece of finger print jewelry made?

Yes. Since most of our fingerprint jewelry is made using a direct impression your loved one must be present.

How long will it take for my jewelry to be finished?

There is a 4 to 6 week turn over time for all prepaid jewelry. 

Is there a way to save the fingerprint of a deceased loved one?

Yes. We are able to take a silicon mold of their fingerprint and keep it in our files for any future jewelry that you may want to have made. 


Is there an age limit for the fingerprint jewelry?

We are happy to fingerprint anyone you love, but there are ages that don't print as well as others. Fingerprints can be tricky when a child is below 12 months and sometimes even closer to 18 months depending on their sex and size {I know, it seems silly that sex and size should matter, but it does}. It's not because the print isn't there, it's simply because they are so fine. It can also be tricky to capture prints from someone that is over the age of 60 due to the extra soft nature of their skin. There are many variables that we don't know or see  and these rules are not hard and fast. We just don't know until we try to capture a print.

Do you offer jewelry for our furry family members?

We can absolutely make jewelry using your fur baby's paw or nose print. You will need to follow the same method you would for a fingerprint: ink (or paint) and paper.

Is your jewelry sterling silver?

All our chains and bracelets are sterling (.925) silver, while the handmade charms and pendants vary between .960-.999 silver . That simply means the silver content is higher than sterling but varies depending on the pieces made.

Do you off any other metals than silver?

The base metal for all of our jewelry is silver {fine or sterling}, however we are currently working to add 24k gold and rose gold plating.

I own or manage a children's boutique, how do I get added to your event schedule?

We would love to chat with you about your store! You may book your event using the button below and we will be in touch to work out all of the details.

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If you have more questions please feel free to use the above button to reach out to us.