Your Love

Their touch


Losing a loved one is hard.

Keeping a part of them with you 

shouldn't be.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Your loved one should never be more than a hand hold away. That's why our fingerprint jewelry is made with a direct impression. Contact us to schedule a private shopping experience at your home,hospice, hospital or funeral home.

Cremation Jewelry

For some, a fingerprint just isn't enough. That's why we offer a full line of cremation jewelry. We take great care to infuse your loved one's ashes into our silver jewelry for a custom creation you can wear.

Handwriting Jewelry

There's nothing more special than a note written just for you from your loved one. We would love to capture their one-of-a-kind handwriting in a forever keepsake.

The Basics

Looking for something Specific?

We're here to help! Drop us a line and we will guide you through our design process, help you book an appointment or answer any questions you may have.

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