Where it all began...


This is Carrie. Her story is where our journey began. 

In 2010 she was told her daughter was not going to win her fight against cancer. She simply wanted a charm with her family's fingerprints all together, something that would last forever. But being a young mama of 4 with a husband in college, this was out of their budget. This was simply not good enough so she took it upon herself to learn how to make it, and why not sell some while she was at it? It became her mission to sell enough jewelry to give it away to other families whose children were dying, so in May 2011 Elle Bird took flight along with the help of family and friends.

The Elle Bird Family


Carrie and her husband {Mr. Elle Bird} with their 4 children. You'll notice their daughter is still here. Leiryn Renn {affectionately called L Bird} is a walking miracle, living with cancer every day.