Product Policies and Disclaimer


Product Disclaimer: 

Our jewelry artists will do their best to capture and preserve your loved ones fingerprint. The quality and definition of the print is determined by the age, size and cooperation of your loved one as well as the conditions in which the print was taken. The fingerprint keepsakes seen in our photos were taken from a variety of ages and chosen for their print quality. Your keepsake may or may not have the same definition, but you can take satisfaction in the knowledge that your loved one touched the piece you're wearing.  Each keepsake is made by hand from start to finish. We will correct imperfections when possible to ensure the highest quality, but can only do so much without interfering with the print. If more than one keepsake is made for your order each one may have slight variations in size, print definition, and engraving. 


Because we care, and understand you may be purchasing a piece of jewelry as a gift, we always try to wait until after a holiday or a special event has past to post any photos of your order on social media or on our website. 

For all memorial jewelry orders: orders belonging to the parent/spouse/child will always be shipped before all other friends or family members orders. Even if their balance is unpaid and others are paid in full.

Due to the hand made nature of our product, all Elle Bird jewelry is protected under copyright laws and co-owned by the customer. We reserve the right to take and share photographs of all pieces crafted by our jewelry artists, even those including handwriting and fingerprints. 

If you receive a damaged or incorrect order please contact us and we will do everything we can to correct, repair or replace pieces as needed.

Please contact us at with any concerns regarding your order.